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Gavro Automotive is an assembly and sequencing company. We are a family business which originated from Gavro Freight Intentional. Our experience from GFI curbed the way of doing business. This will help us to provide the best service for our partners. Gavro Freight is in business since 2001 and it became a recognized firm for transportation. We will use that knowledge and experience to continue to thrive in excellence and continue to improve our service.
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Since 2001

Doing Things Right


This adage has been the foundation of success for Gavro Freight International since we began in 2000. From our founding, with one truck and one route to today where we operate a large fleet throughout Canada and the United States, doing the right thing is simply how we do business.

It dictates how we operate our company, how we work with our customers, and support our employees and drivers. It is also how we live our lives in the communities that help us do business. We believe that doing things right is not only good for business but also ensures that we act in a corporately and socially responsible manner.

Our focus is on safety and security while improving our environmental footprint. Our commitment to the safety and security of our employees and drivers, as well as their families, allows us to take pride in our communities that we operate in. We also strive to create and expand employment opportunities in our communities while providing unmatched exceptional customer service.

At GFI, we continually invest in the right technology to help reduce the environmental impact of our business while maintaining a safe and reliable fleet. We also use the right industry technology to leverage route planning to minimize the kilometres travelled by our drivers. This means that we invest industry-grade tires, fuel savings technologies and use advanced GPS tracking systems to keep our drivers safe and our customer shipments on-time.

These are just a few of the innovative investments that we believe are making us better stewards of the resources that we utilize. We are creating a safety-centric and collaborative working environment with training and continuous opportunities to assist our employees, drivers, customers and members of our communities.

Moreover, investing in our communities is the foundation of GFI’s success. We are committed to supporting those in need, as reflected in our commitment to important community-based causes.

Our aim is always to “Do Things Right – The Gavro Way.”

A Family Company

“Since 2000, our family owned and operated freight company has been delivering impressive results for our clients, and a commitment to manage our clients’ shipments as if they were our own. Our company size allows our team to focus on each shipment to delivery destinations in Ontario, across Canada to the United States. Our business approach focuses on applying our core principles of hiring the very best, training and retaining our professional team members, exceeding client expectations, and maintaining streamlined, efficient operations.”



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Gavro Gavranovic

Gavro Gavranovic

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Sasa Gavranovic

Co Founder

Fazal Hakemy

Fazal Hakemy

Operations Manager

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